IHOP Just Changed Their Name and I am Confused As To Why

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People don’t typically like change. Heck, I don’t like change. Although, I understand sometimes change is necessary such as in this case. IHOP recently announced (alongside Applebee’s) that they were working to revamp their business model to cater more to millennial. And then yesterday something hit us like a ton of bricks – they were changing their name… Um, what?

The International House of Pancakes — also known as IHOP — revealed last week on social media that it was officially planning to change its name, shaking up the universe in the process.

And look what the new name is:

Yup, you are seeing that right – IHOP which will now stand for International House of Burgers.

Okay, I like burgers and I like pancakes. I just don’t see how changing their name is going to make more people come into their restaurants. And if you ask me, I feel like there are enough good burger joints to go around and not enough pancake.

Applebee’s and IHOP are planning to close up to 120 restaurants between the two chains this year, as the brands try to correct some major missteps. A lot of the blame is towards millennials who they feel just don’t find IHOP as a place to hang and eat.

I get they need to change their business model to survive.

I am just confused how burgers (and changing the p to a b in their name) is going to make a difference…

How do you feel about the name change?

You can check out more info and posting on the IHOP or IHOB Facebook page.

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  1. It’s apparently an ad campaign, not a permanent thing.

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