5 Killer Things Only Your Dad Can Teach You!

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Dads are awesome. Dads teach us things that no one else can. Moms give us the fluffy stuff, dads are hardcore. Moms make sure we say please, dads make sure we know how to hold our own. Dads are killer. Really, they rock. Here are 5 killer things I learned from my dad.

5 Killer Things I Learned From My Dad

1. You always have a choice.

It may be a unfavorable choice, but a choice just the same.

This was perhaps the most profound bit of advice my Dad ever dished out. The best part about my Dad giving this advice though, was that he really and truly did not care which choices we made. He was quick to forgive our mistakes or champion our causes. Making the wrong choice is maybe not so critical as realizing you do actually have choices.

2. How to cure the spins.

Because sometimes, dizzy happens.

There are a myriad of reasons you may find yourself nauseated and the room around you is spinning out of control. Perhaps one too many revolutions on the merry go round? Maybe too much time with your good buddy Jack? Whatever the reason,  Dad had two fixes for this. Stare at something with one eye, while keeping your other eye closed, or lying down while keeping one foot planted firmly on the ground.

3. Authority is meant to be questioned.

And so are all of the rules and laws that come with.

My Dad was the first person to challenge authority, and many laws. I am not saying this was always a good thing, of course, but in the presence of a rule that was just stupid , you can be sure he would be finding new and exciting ways to antagonize and challenge them. And really, shouldn’t we all question authority at some point?

4. Protect your face.

And literally.

Wether you’re playing baseball, hockey, whatever, protect your face.  Face injuries hurt like alot and look a million times worse.

5. Don’t judge.

Leave that to the big guy upstairs.

Nobody is perfect, not even my Dad.


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