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Stiletto Crocs Are Now A Thing, But Why?!

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It’s no secret that I love me some Crocs.

People in the office sometimes make fun of me, because no matter what clothes I have on, Crocs are the ONLY shoes I wear — you can’t beat that comfort, right?

But, I draw the line when it comes to Crocs stiletto heels — I guess I’m not couture enough.

I mean, I’d never wear a stiletto heel as it is, but this awful (IMHO) collab is a HUGE no for me.


Crocs has teamed up with Balenciaga to bring us these — er — unique shoes.

Now, it looks like I’m in the minority over here, because they are FLYING off the virtual shelves.

In just a matter of hours since their release, The Sole Supplier found demand for Balenciaga Crocs stiletto heels skyrocketed by 9,900%.

The Sun

If you’ve never heard of Balenciaga, that’s probably because you don’t have a thousand dollars readily available to drop on a pair of shoes.


Although they carry shoes that are relatively normal — hello $3,000 black pumps — they also carry some — let’s call them bizarre — shoes.


Like, look at these shoes that have a springy heel — I don’t know, they might feel absolutely wonderful, but I’m not about to drop $1,200 for a pair of sneakers.


So, the Balenciaga collaboration with Crocs is apparently the HOT thing in fashion right now.

They are, without a doubt, going to be the comfiest pair of stilettos imaginable. LOL!

The unique shoe is part of Balenciaga’s Spring 2022 collection, with the fashion forward collab also includes knee-high Croc boots as well as the stiletto style clogs in grey, green and black.

The Sun

Balenciaga and Crocs have teamed up before — in 2017 — when their $850 Crocs flew out of virtual shopping carts, and didn’t even make it to stores!

‘Balenciaga Crocs 2.0,’ according to the show notes, sees the classic Croc clogtransformed into pumps, thick boots with the signature foot bed shape and pool slides. Instead of the iconic crocodile logo on the shoe’s rivets, the designer brand is stamping their version with brand’s name. 

USA Today

Reviews of the shoe have been mixed on social media — with MOST people thinking the Balenciaga Crocs are going to be hideously comfortable.

What do you think? Would you buy the $850 Balenciaga Croc stilettos?

You can watch for the 2022 Balenciaga Croc collab on the Balenciaga site.

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