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Baby Born at 2:22 on 2/2/22, Has Luckiest Birthday of All

Two is definitely going to be this little baby’s lucky number for the rest of her life!

The little girl, who was named Judah Grace Spear, was born on 2/22/22, which was also on a Tuesday (Twosday) this year. BUT, that’s not where the lucky 2’s stop.

Cone Health

Can you guess what birthing suite little Judah was born in? You guessed it!! Suite 2!!

But, just wait.

I heard all the nurses screaming in excitement, and I was like, ‘What is happening?

Aberli Spear

Y’all! When little Judah graced the world with her presence, guess what time it was!! 2:22!!

As you can imagine, this was a wildly popular little baby among the nursing staff at Alamance Regional Medical Center in Burlington, North Carolina.

You know how babies wear those stocking caps to keep them warm in the hospital? Nursing staff jumped on the “2” bandwagon, and made Judah a hat with 2 bows on it. LOL!!

You have to admit, it’s pretty cool that she defied the laws of nature, and was born under all the 2’s. But it’s even more amazing when you think that the closest we will get to another Tuesday “2” date is 2/2/2422 — 4 centuries from now!

Sure, it’s hella cool that she now has this amazing story and a built in lucky number, but her luck doesn’t stop there.

Judah truly is a miracle baby.

See, Aberli, Judah’s momma, is a survivor of Hodgkin’s lymphoma. When she was going through the cancer treatments that would save her life, she was having some pretty powerful procedures and taking some pretty potent meds.

I’ve been through chemo, and they warn you that a successful pregnancy probably won’t be possible. Aberli was concerned that this would be her fate.

Cone Health Alamance Regional Medical Center

But, little Judah defied everyone’s expectations and showed up anyway — the miracle baby with the lucky number 2.

Happy birthday little Judah!! Congratulations to you and your parents!!