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Unicorn Christmas Trees Are This Year’s Hottest Holiday Trend That Brings Pure Magic

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After this year, I think it’s safe to say, we all need a little more magic in our lives, right?

Well, how about magic for the holidays? I am talking about a Unicorn Christmas Tree because they are this year’s hottest holiday trend and yes, they are pure magic!


All over social media people are sharing their magical trees and OMG now I want to scrap my idea this year for decorating and go full on Unicorn!


You can start with a white or pink Christmas tree. I am loving this baby pink tree from Home Depot.

Then add some rainbows and unicorn ornaments. Maybe some ribbon and even glittery tree picks.


My personal favorite is the tree below. OMG she really went all out and it is MAGICAL!


You can get a ton of Unicorn Christmas Tree Decorations right here on Amazon. They have everything from unicorn lights and ornaments to unicorn tree skirts!


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