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You Can Get A ‘Friends’ Themed Slow Cooker And Cook Your Heart Out Like Monica

I’ve always wanted to be a chef — just like Monica Geller — and now I can be the coolest chef in town with this FRIENDS themed slow cooker!

Courtesy of Hot Topic

For only thirty bucks at Hot Topic — THIRTY BUCKS! — you can get the HOTTEST slow cooker in town!

Courtesy of Hot Topic

This big 6.5 quart slow cooker has FRIENDS doodles all the way around the metal exterior. You get doodles of the most ICONIC FRIENDS moments — like the couch from Central Perk, “PIVOT,” “How YOU doin?”, Phoebe’s taxi cab, the picture frame from Monica’s apartment, and the fountain from the opening scene.

Like any good slow cooker, this FRIENDS doodle design cooker has a removable stoneware insert and a tempered glass lid.

Courtesy of Hot Topic

It has a low, high, and warm heat setting, as well as a button for cook time. In other words, it’s perfect for making anything from roast, to spaghetti sauce, to chili, to taco soup, to a plethora of chicken dishes.

Courtesy of Hot Topic

Just don’t make Mockolate — I hear it’s pretty bad!

I am totally about to take this to EVERY dinner party I am invited to, and my FRIENDS will all be so jealous! Ha!

Courtesy of Hot Topic

Making fajita or tacos, and need more slow cooker space? Hot Topic also has this triple slow cooker design for $53!

Courtesy of Hot Topic

Each of these three pots holds 2.5 quarts, and I’m going to need it now!!

Courtesy of Hot Topic

You can get BOTH slow cookers — the 6.5 quart and the triple slow cooker — right from the Hot Topic website. Yes!


Monday 1st of June 2020

I need to purchase one for my granddaughter wedding

Stephanie Nichols

Sunday 19th of January 2020

I like one I move my broke