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This Chicken Jumped Into A Delivery Drivers Trunk Without Him Knowing and Went on An Adventure Of A Lifetime

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Justin and Jennifer Matthews of Fair Oaks Ranch, Texas have a very adventurous chicken named Reba!

Like a lot of people right now, they are using Instacart for grocery delivery. Reba appears to be a Rhode Island Red like the chicken in the image below. They just happen to be my favorite chickens!

Well, 4 hours after a recent delivery they noticed Reba was missing! So they checked their surveillance videos to see what happened. Their immediate thoughts were a hawk or a fox, which is sadly something that happens when you own chickens. Hawks being the worst!

Imagine their surprise when they saw on the video that Reba had jumped in the trunk of the car of the Instacart delivery driver! He shut the trunk not even realizing the curious chicken had jumped in. He then headed to Costco with his stowaway.


The owners called Instacart and found out that when the delivery driver opened the trunk at Costco, Reba jumped out. The man thought it was part of a prank!


So Justin and Jennifer and headed to Costco in San Antonio, Texas, to see if they could locate the runaway chicken. Once they got there they spoke to employees and found out that she had been running around in the parking lot and was picked up by some ladies that took her to keep her safe.

Justin Matthews

Yes omg, we did see your fat chicken running around the lot for a while but some ladies scooped her up about 11 and took her.

Costco parking lot attendant

Justin and Jennifer went on Facebook and posted a plea to find the rowdy traveling chicken. The post was shared like crazy with the hashtag #findReba. They even set up an email for tips and information leading to her return.


It worked! With tons of people sharing and help from the local news, Reba was found the next day! She had made it all the way to Del Rio, Texas! Craziness! You can read the entire timeline of events below!


Below I have posted a video of Reba being reunited with her family from her rescuer, Zalmrz JP! What a great story! 


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