Target is Selling Disney Princess Dinnerware Sets For The Most Magical Meal Ever

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Target — You REALLY get me! I totally needed this Disney Princess dinnerware set in my life.

It’s absolutely gorgeous, and will add a touch of Disney Magic to my dining!

This is a 16-piece set, and includes 4 different Disney Princess designs in one totally magnificent collection!

The pale purple design is, of course, Jasmine, from Aladdin. It features golden-colored embellishments around Jasmine’s Taj Mahal-esque home in Agrabah. If you look closely, you can even see Genie’s bottle!


The Cinderella blue is — you guessed it — Disney’s Cinderella. This dinnerware also features beautiful golden-colored flourishes around both the clock tower AND the magic pumpkin carriage.


Yellow is the color for Belle, from Disney’s Beauty And The Beast. Not only is there a print of Beast’s beautiful castle, but there is the famous glass-covered rose among the golden accents.


Ariel, from Disney’s The Little Mermaid, even has her own set. It is a pale turquoise, and features her underwater castle, as well as Ariel’s clam shell. Of course, there are also beautiful golden embellishments to complete this magical set.


Each princess design includes a dinner plate, a dessert (or salad!) plate, a bowl, and a mug. That makes 16 pieces in the entire beautifully magical collection.

This Disney Princess Dinnerware Set is made of ceramic. You will want to HANDWASH this collection to preserve the beautiful designs. It is also not meant to go in the microwave.

This official licensed Disney dinnerware isn’t sold in stores, but you can purchase the gorgeous collection right from the Target website, HERE.

Update: It has since sold out at Target. You can get it while they last at Walmart Here.

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  1. Where is Tiyana?
    I have to write Disney and let them know where is Tiyana dish set and Moulon.

    1. @Sonietta Blaze, there’s a whole other dish set with Tiana and mulan and sleeping beauty. I have it.

  2. The links to target aren’t working, and when I search for it, nothing comes up. Do you have a more direct link?

    1. Me too ☹️ I really want this for my daughter in law for Christmas.

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