Here’s How You Can Ease A Fussy Baby By Massaging Their Feet

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Every mother has tried to calm her fussy baby, with no success. We have all cried, and pulled our hair out, wondering how to help our little one get comfortable, and get the relief he or she needs.

Have you ever tried REFLEXOLOGY on your wee one? Do you even know what reflexology is? Don’t worry, I didn’t know either!

Reflexology is the practice of using your hands on pressure points that correspond with certain areas of the body. A baby’s feet is excellent for relieving fussiness and uneasiness. There are tons of tiny pressure points, that if massaged correctly, could make the most HUGE difference for your baby.

Massaging the toes — those ten little piggies — is great for aiding in pain or malaise in the head and teeth. It’s WONDERFUL for a teething baby.

The pressure pads on each toe are helpful in relieving sinus pressure and pain. I need that right now! *sniff*

The ball of the foot — like the area you stand on when you are on your tiptoes — is good for the chest area. Does your baby have a chest cold? Hit this area of with a light tapping or rubbing of your fingers. It will help.

The middle of the foot is the area that corresponds with the big and little intestine. Does your baby have colic or constipation? This is the area on which you would focus your reflexology practice.

The heel of the foot corresponds with the pelvic area. This is also a great area to massage if the baby has constipation issues.

Of course, this is a very broad, basic “foot map” for helping to soothe your baby. If your little one is having major issues that are causing fussiness or unease, talk to your doctor.

Check out this awesome video on basic foot reflexology for babies!

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