You Can Get Froot Loops Peeps Pops That Taste Just Like The Cereal And I Can’t Wait To Try Them

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Follow Your Nose. It Always Knows*. — Am I the only one old enough to remember this jingle? LOL!


I am so excited, because — Move Over Pink Marshmallow Bunny Peeps — just in time to take over your Easter Basket, Froot Loops and Peeps have collaborated to bring us Peeps Froot Loops Pops! How fun, right?

Courtesy of candyhunting on Instagram

Two iconic brands are coming together for one sweet treat, the PEEPS® Chick and Toucan Sam™ have teamed up for Easter!

Peeps Brand

These are SUPER new, so we don’t have a TON of information to divulge.

But, seriously, what is there to know? The Fruity Flavor of Froot Loops has met the Marshmallowy goodness of the Peeps. YES!

It’s like they KNEW what we wanted, before WE even knew what we wanted! This collaboration is simply FANTASTIC!

Check this out — they are PUSH UP pops! You know, like you usually find in ice cream, BUT it’s Peep Marshmallows instead. You eat one fruity marshmallow, and then push up the next!

These colorful, fruit-tasting Peeps have been spotted at Walmart and Target. You can also grab them right on the Target website.

This limited time PEEPS® Marshmallow Pop is flavored with the fruity taste of Kellogg’s® Froot Loops™ cereal! With four fun and colorful marshmallow Chicks on every stick, this is a perfect addition to any Easter basket!

Peeps Brand

Since these Peeps Froot Loops Pops are Limited Edition, you KNOW you have to jump on them FAST. With as good as these are, they will be GONE before they barely even have time to rest on the shelf!

At less than three bucks a piece, you KNOW these will be front and center in my kids’ Easter Baskets. I know, because the Easter Bunny told me. *Wink Wink*

You can get Froot Loops Peeps from Target Here.

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