Queen Latifah Nailed Her Role As Ursula and I Want More

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The Queen Reigns — Queen Latifah, that is! She totally slayed her performance as Ursula in the Live Version of The Little Mermaid on ABC.

I was completely skeptical before I saw it. How, I wondered, do you recreate such an iconic Villian?

SHE ABSOLUTELY NAILED IT! My dear sweet poor unfortunate soul, she BECAME Ursula!

From the second she showed up on stage, she totally OWNED it, and completely embodied the EVIL QUEEN, herself!

Her Power of Body Language was spot-on to play this role! It’s like It’s a Talent That She Always Did Possess.

I admit that in the past I’ve always thought of Queen Latifah as a gracious and kind individual, but in this performance she is more of a nasty.

With the help of Ursula’s trusty Flotsam and Jetsam, in her words — Now I’ve Got Her, Boys!

That Ariel never stood a chance, flocking to her witchy cauldron Crying, “Spells, Ursula, Please!”

She pulled out every bit of witchy magic possible on that stage, and eventually got Ariel’s voice.

I didn’t just BELEIVE she was Ursula. The Queen WAS Ursula. She was perfection!

See Queen Latifah’s entire performance of Poor Unfortunate Souls in the clip below:

Now, we get to look forward to the Disney Live-Action Movie of The Little Mermaid! They are going to have to work HARD to beat this Queen Latifah performance!


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