Netflix Released The Full Trailer For ‘The Witcher’ and I Am So Excited

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Netflix is KILLING it with their original programming! They just aren’t turning out a bad series, and this is another one that does NOT disappoint!

Netflix released it’s full-length trailer for the Witcher, and I can not wait for December 20th!

Is anyone getting that Game of Thrones vibe from this show, or is it just me?

The Witcher was originally a series of fantasy books, but they were so wildly popular that they spun off a video game, graphic novel, a TV series, and a 2001 Polish Film.

Via Amazon
Via Amazon

The Netflix original is based around WITCHERS, which are beast hunters who develop supernatural skills when they are young. These supernatural abilities allow them to battle wild beasts and monsters. And, battle they do!

Get ready to spy elves, dwarves, gnomes, werewolves, vampires, Witchers, and, of course, humans.

There is plenty of fighting, plenty of monsters, lots of love, many beasts, and tons of dark mystery.

Not to mention super-hot Beast Hunters and Ladies!

The Witchers will begin streaming on Netflix December 20th, and I already have it marked in my planner!

It seems to have that dark Game of Thrones feel, and I’m so super-excited to watch!

While you wait for The Witcher to make its appearance, you can get ready by binge watching some amazing movies on Netflix.

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