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This McDonald’s Employee Shared Why You Should Be Cautious What You Say and Do At The Drive-Thru

So, I already knew this… but I had no idea that other people did not!

I always tell everyone in my car to be quiet at the drive-thru because I don’t want them to hear some weird conversation and do something weird to my food.

Yes, I totally worry about those things because people do crazy things, and I’m not wanting a burger coated with spit because someone doesn’t like the conversation they overheard.

What am I talking about?

Well, I’m talking about the fact that most drive-thrus have cameras and they are watching and listening to you when you are sitting at the speaker to order from the menu.

@secretfitzz – TikTok

A McDonald’s employee recently shared this information on her TikTok and I was shocked to see how many people had no clue that this was a thing.

She posted a TikTok of herself in the drive-thru and talked about the system that they use to make sure people are getting the correct order.

There is a camera and they can see you and that camera snaps a nice little mugshot of you, even though you are not prepared for it.

She also let people know that just because they are not speaking to you, does not mean that they are not hearing what you’re saying.

The fact that people don’t know we can hear your convos even when we aren’t speaking to you taking your order. And we have a camera at the speaker that takes a picture of you so we know whose order is whose. Seeing the mugshots of random people makes my day.

@secretfitzz – TikTok

The TikTok account seems to be gone, and I kind of wonder if she got in trouble with her employer, especially after seeing some of her responses like the one below.

If you shout hello at us we will purposely make you wait longer and start bitching about you to whoever is on shift w us.

@secretfitzz – TikTok

The first time I found out about the camera and them being able to see me while I order was at Starbucks when they complimented my service dog that they could see on camera.

That being said, be careful what you say at the drive-thru, and please don’t “scratch” your nose…