These Sprinklers Turn Your Trampoline Into A Splash Pad For Your Kids

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OMG, Y’all! I want to be a kid again. Forget that, this little contraption will transport you right back to fun days in the sun and water!

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There is a hose that attaches right to your existing trampoline, and it turns your trampoline into a freaking waterpark!

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You attach this heavy-duty hose right to the outside of the trampoline net, using the REUSABLE zip ties that come with the hose! Easy Peazy setup!

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Once you get the water going, it cools down the trampoline surface up to 25 degrees. PERFECT for jumping in the blistering sun during the summer! Your trampoline mat won’t be as hot as the surface of the sun — You know what I’m talking about!

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The heavy-duty attachable hose has a bunch of tiny little holes running the length of it. Once you attach your garden hose, and the water starts flowing, it’s a magical waterpark right in your backyard! How perfect would this be for a kid’s birthday party! Gah!

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It comes with EVERYTHING you will need to install the fun — trampoline and net not included. All you need to provide is the garden hose and the water!

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You guys! This set is only twenty bucks for 39 feet of fun! You can’t NOT get this hose. It is PERFECT for summer fun.

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Don’t have a trampoline? Dude. No problem! You can lay this hose in the grass, and it will give you that same waterpark effect. How fun is that?!?

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You can grab your own hose, that turns you yard into a waterpark, right on the Amazon website.

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I know I’m totally getting one for the summer! I can’t wait!

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OMG, y’all! These miniature lounge chairs would be PERFECT to complete that summertime waterpark effect in your yard!

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  1. If people would start letting their children be children and quit tataing them let them be kids and have fun for ‘F’ sake… Oops they break something there are Dr to fix that… We have a whole generation of sissies! It’s ok for kids to get dirty and yes break a bone or two… And all the other thing we did as kids oh!! Yes make mud pies to throw at each other… Play in mud puddles and just get dirty…… Then grab the dish soap garden hose and off to the trampoline!!!!!

  2. This is not 20.00. I wish it was. After shipping and everything it camw out to 55.00. Thats too much. Is there a discount code??

    1. There is one offered for 17.99. It showed up under other ones people looked at or bought. It looks like it’s a garden sprinkler hose with a little bigger holes in it.

  3. And plus if you were out there playing with your kids on the trampoline that would be fully supervised and having fun but parents don’t do that anymore you don’t see parents playing with their kids the kids are always doing their thing and the parents are doing something else spend quality time with your kids and teach them right from wrong and how to be safe and be cautious you would have nothing to worry about in the first place

    1. My son who is,,30 interacts with his kids and soon as he gets off work and weekends. He is an awesome dad

  4. I don’t see what the big deal Is we did a bunch of stupid stuff growing up as kids and never got hurt he put these kids on a tight leash short leash whatever you’re doing it in the blowing schools upper taking a gun to school you give them space to run and be free and you’ll be surprised and amazed at how these kids handle it and what they do with it it’s kids are smarter than we give them credit for just let kids be kids and have fun they get hurt did they get hurt that’s how you learn

  5. We ALWAYS did this growing up – never had any issues with it. Oh – and we also didn’t have netting back then either.

  6. Please don’t do this, folks. Dry trampolines are dangerous enough. Let’s not add water for more bone-breaking, spinal-cord-snapping fun. I’m not advocating for raising your children in a bubble, I’m just saying you should make choices that are less guaranteed to land a kid in an ER, or worse.

    1. You’re a baby. Let kids play. And maybe if you watched them closely enough they wouldn’t break their bones.

      1. I agree Lex. As it is trampolines are dangerous but if we are vigilant I’m sure our children will have the time of their life with this. I used to put the sprinkler under the trampoline and my son always had a blast but I like this idea more.

    2. Okay…..For 1, my son an daughter was jumping on a enclosed trampoline. He unzipped and went to get off an he fell out of the trampoline landing on his arm to stop the fall. He is 7! No WATER AND IT WAS ENCLOSED! He went a entire summer no water,no fun and DO YOU KNOW WHAT HE ASKED FOR ,FOR CHRISTMAS!!! A TRAMPOLINE!!! So I bought a really good one and all the extras and YES THEY PUT SOAP AND WATER SPRINKLERS ON IT AND HAVE A BLAST!
      Oh and yes my 13,7,and 2 year old ALL JUMP WITH SOAP AN WATER ON THE TRAMPOLINE!

      1. That’s awesome… saves in showering as well!!! Lol

      2. Maybe your kids aren’t as smart as others….

    3. I love it me and my kids which are 6 4 and two 2 yr olds love the water on the trampoline no one has gotten hurt and yes me being 36 I still go on it and play with them let kids be kids damn

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