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Target Has New Pool Floats Including A Sloth And Llama And I Need All Of Them

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Pool floats are the new, cool accessory. Say goodbye to classy beach bags, and designer sunglasses. If you don’t have a cool pool float, you can’t sit with us! (Just kidding, had to throw a Mean Girl vibe in there though).


This summer, we definitely deserve some fresh air and sun after being cooped up for so long.


So why not spend it lounging on top of a GIANT sloth? Seriously. He’s huge. I personally find sloths creepy, but they’re quite the trend right now.

This is only $20 at Target! Talk about a score.

Then they have a speed boat float, which in itself looks super cool, but it has a feature that makes it even better!

It has a cooler in the back! And cup holders too! I can’t think of a more perfect way to spend time on the water. I cool “ride” and a cooler for your drinks! It’s priced at $40 due to the extra goodies but I feel like it’s worth it.

And who wouldn’t want to ride on a llama float? You could gain quite a sense of dignity riding on this magical “stallion” of the sea. (Yes, I know that makes no sense, but we’re making it a thing).

This is only $15!!! Say WHAT! How on earth can something so adorable be so affordable? Better grab one before they run out!

Feeling nostalgic? How about a cassette tape pool float? Chances are, teenagers will ask you what on earth it is, which makes it even better! And it’s only $14.99!

Then there’s the banana float. I feel like you can never go wrong with a banana float. There’s something almost iconic about it.

These adorable inflatable cactus’s are definitely on my to buy list because they are too darn cute not to get! And it’s only $14.99 for both of them!

There are literally 26 pages on Target.com of pool floats to search through so make sure to check them all out and get your hands on the ones you like!

You can shop the Target pool floats here.


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