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This Mom Created A DIY Mermaid Wall Using Wallpaper Samples And It’s Gorgeous

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I am really feeling like an inadequate mom right now. Ha!

Courtesy of katie_blakbourn on Instagram

Katie Blackbourn used her magical mermaid crafting skills to make a customized Mermaid Wall for her daughter, and I wish I would have thought of it! Isn’t it the cutest thing EVER?!?

Courtesy of katie_blakbourn on Instagram

She started by painting the wall with this Proud Peacock paint. It is a blueish teal paint color, and gives the wall a sort of an ‘under the sea’ feel.


Then she took wallpaper samples — GENIUS — to make the mermaid scales.


She cut out a cardboard template, and then used that template to cut each wallpaper sample to look just like the scales of a mermaid.


She used the MOST AMAZING wallpaper samples, making each one an individual mermaid themed scale!


She glued them individually to the wall with a little wallpaper glue. The entire project ended up costing less than thirty bucks!


Katie and her daughter are OBVIOUSLY fans of everything MERMAID related.

Just look at these CUTE accessories she got to go with the room! That comforter is EVERYTHING!


You can follow Katie on Instagram for more on the mermaid room, including tutorials and great mermaid finds!


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