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Mermaid Shell Bath Bombs

Summer is simply the best. You have the warm weather, trips to the beach, and enjoying a great cocktail shoreside while watching kids play in the sand. That is exactly what these Mermaid Shell Bath Bombs makes me think about. Being on the beach somewhere, or even at the top of a rock with a yellow and blue fish and a small red crab looking up at me. Yep, total Little Mermaid daydream moment over here! But back to the Mermaid Shell Bath Bombs, they are totally… well, THE BOMB!

Mermaid Shell Bath Bombs

Supplies Needed to Make Mermaid Shell Bath Bombs:

mermaid shell bath bombs supplies

How to Make Mermaid Shell Bath Bombs:

  1. In a large bowl combine your citric acid and baking soda. Stir until well blended.mermaid shell bath bombs inprocess1
  2. Add your essential oil. With Young Living, you only need 1-3 drops. Stir well.mermaid shell bath bombs inprocess2
  3. Add your olive oil and stir well.mermaid shell bath bombs inprocess3
  4. Add 3 drops of neon pink food coloring. Stir well. Slowly continue to add a few drops at a time until you reach your desired shade. I used about 6 drops in total. Note: If you add to much food coloring at the beginning, it will cause the bath bombs to fizz.mermaid shell bath bombs inprocess4
  5. Spritz your bath bomb mixture with witch hazel (a few short spritz is all you need). This helps the bath bombs mixture stick together.
  6. With your hands, grab your mixture and firmly press into your silicone mold. You need to pack the mixture in as tightly as you can. Keep doing this until the entire mold is filled.mermaid shell bath bombs inprocess5
  7. Set the mold aside and allow the bath bombs to harden overnight. You can also speed up the process by covering with aluminum foil (it acts as a heating agent).
  8. After 24 hours unmold your bath bombs by gently pressing the silicone mold from the back side and the bath bombs will pop right out.mermaid shell bath bombs inprocess6
  9. Keep your bath bombs stored in an airtight container that is completely dry and free from any moisture. When ready to use, you can place a bit of shaving cream in between 2 bath bombs. I then added a sixlet candy in the middle for the “pearl”. It turned out really cute!
  10. Want to enjoy the fizz? Just drop it into the bath and enjoy!

Mermaid Shell Bath Bombs Featured

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