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DIY Halloween Bat Hairbow

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Halloween is almost here, and I have an awesome DIY Bat Hairbow tutorial for you.


DIY Bat Hairbow from TotallyTheBomb.com


It’s SO easy to make, that I almost don’t need to give you step by step instructions, but since I love you– I’ll do it anyway.

You need 20 inches of 3 inch wide black Ribbon (well, that was just the size I had on hand, you could seriously make this little guy out of any size ribbon), two google eyes, some hot glue, and a hair clip.

  • Tie a big knot in the middle of your ribbon. Play around with it so it sort of looks like a bat’s body.
  • Cut the edges in a curve. (If you had zig-zag scissors, you could even use those!)
  • Glue the eyes on to the big knot.
  • Turn the bow over and glue the hair clip to the back, and BAM you have a super awesome bat hairbow you made yourself!

Here’s the Ribbon I used:

Here are the Google Eyes I Used:

Happy Haunting!

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