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You Can Get Disney Themed Dream Catchers And I Am Truly In Love

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If I see ANYTHING Disney related, my inner child starts squealing. Like seriously. I have been obsessed with Disney since I was a child and now that I have a daughter, my obsession has come back to life for her sake!

My Little Princess

And to top things off, she has a boho floral themed room, so when I heard that Disney and dream-catchers were a thing, I kind of swooned a little bit.

I stumbled upon this Instagram after writing a post about some amazing Disney Themed Starbucks Cups, and it was the best accidental stumble upon moment I’ve had! How did I not know such things existed?!


Daisys Dazzled Dreams makes all sorts of amazing goodies. From these beautiful dream-catchers, headbands, bracelets, crystals, and more, it is most definitely a store to check out!


We caught up with the store owner, Daisy Marae, to find out her inspiration behind making these incredible masterpieces.


“Daisy’s Dazzled Dreams is not just an Etsy shop,” Daisy expressed. “It has been a dream of mine to be able to spread love, magic, and light wherever I journey off too.”


“I use my healing energy in all of my work I put together with the extra magic of healing gemstones and spirit guides. For the past three years now I have stepped out of my bubble, embracing my gift and sharing with others doing events, working in spiritual shops, and traveling to spread my magic all around!”


“Disney is special to me in so many ways, but most importantly, because of my father. He passed when I was 5 and those are the only magical memories I have of him. Every time I am at the parks alone, I know he is really there with me from all of the feathers I will always find in the parks!”


“My dreamCHASERS have been created not only to make bad dreams go
away, but to inspire dreamers to chase your dreams. Before each and every
dreamCHASER is made, I ask my dreamers what their intentions, goals and
manifestations are.”


“I meditate and use my Reiki healing energy, putting the most positive intentions into each and every unique dreamCHASER. The healing crystals that are use each have their own specific meaning.”


Just reading what her story and purpose is behind her store has be completely sold. But if that didn’t do the trick, this Ariel themed dream-chaser would have!


There are SO many different, incredible options to choose from. You can even completely customize what you want. So what are you waiting for?


The possibilities are endless. Any theme, style, color scheme, you can get it! She works along side you to ensure you’re getting exactly what you’re looking for so there’s nothing to lose here people!


I really wish I would have known this store existed before I had my daughter because I would have decked her room out in this stuff. They even have a baby mobile. I want it!!!!


I just want to keep sharing pictures because I am literally amazed by each and every one of these, but you need to go check it out for yourself!

You can check out and order your own Disney Themed Dream Catcher Here.


Which one is your favorite? Comment below! I’m torn between like ten of them myself so this is going to be a tough one for me. Wish me luck in not attempting to buy the entire store out!


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