Josh Duggar Has Been Found Guilty and Honestly, Good

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Today is a good day in the eyes of the law because news just broke that Josh Duggar Has Been Found Guilty In His Child Pornography Trial and Honestly, Good.


I hate more than anything when celebrities or rich people just seem to buy their way out of trouble. It’s complete BS if you ask me.

So, with that being said, Josh Duggar deserves his conviction.


Who is Josh Duggar?

In case you don’t know who this is, Josh Duggar was on the tv show “19 Kids and Counting” which aired from September 29, 2008 –; May 19, 2015.


What Is Josh Duggar Charged With?

As of today, Josh Duggar has been found guilty on both counts by a jury in his child pornography trial. He was charged with one count each of receiving and possessing child pornography. Prosecutors claimed some of those images included minors below the age of 12.

In addition, one family friend claimed Josh confessed to molesting children and presented their testimony on the witness stand.


Isn’t that just sick? Ugh.

How Long is Josh Duggar Going To Prison?

Well, as of right now, he has been charged but sentencing hasn’t happened yet. He faces up to 20 years in prison on each count.

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