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‘A Christmas Story’ Ice Cream Is Here and It’s Pure Joy In A Can

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What’s your favorite Christmas movie of all time?

Warner Bros.

I’ll go first… ‘A Christmas Story’ is my absolute favorite Christmas movie and I watch it every single year!

It’s become a part of our family tradition with my own children and I hope that it will be something they carry on as they leave the nest as well.

There is an ice cream company called Serendipity Brands and they have released a brand new specialty ice cream that is limited edition.

It’s inspired by ‘A Christmas Story’ and I am already imagining myself eating it like a pig just like Ralphie’s little brother Randy with his food!

It’s called ‘Oh Fudge! Peppermint Cookie Fudge Sundae‘!

This new flavor sounds amazing and is all thanks to a partnership between Serendipity Brands and Warner Bros. Co.

As I said, this is a limited-edition flavor!

Serendipity Brands

It is filled with all of my personal favorite flavors such as mint-flavored ice cream, a thick fudge swirl, crushed peppermint candies, and broken cream-filled cookies.

I’m pretty sure you’ll be safe from shooting your eye out while eating this ice cream.

I’ll be getting a few pints for myself and maybe some for the family too if I feel like sharing!

You can get your ‘Oh Fudge! Peppermint Cookie Fudge Sundae for $7.99 while supplies last!

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