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You Can Get A Custom Disney Starbucks Cup and I Want Them All

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Starbucks and Disney are probably two of my favorite things.

I LOVE collecting Starbucks cups. But a newer passion of mine is finding customized crafts having to do with Starbucks (and Disney!)

We told you all about the Customized Starbucks Keychains that you HAVE to check out if you haven’t yet. I’ve already bought 3 for myself and friends and I can’t stop. They are so stinking cute.


And now, I’ve come across Disney Gorditas, who makes customized Starbucks/Disney items! In my opinion, it’s the perfect combination!


They combine Disney art with Starbucks cups…even the coveted color changing cups!

There seems to be no limit to the characters and themes that Disney Gorditas can make, so if you’ve been looking for your own specialized cup, this is the place to go!


My personal favorite cup on their page is the COCO themed cup. That isn’t even my favorite Disney movie, but it’s so pretty I have to have it!


They even do seasonal themed cups! From Halloween to Christmas, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for. And if you can’t, just ask! They do customization on their Etsy page!


And if your kiddos are still hung up on the newest Disney releases, such as Frozen 2 and Toy Story 4, these would be great cups for them to use at home!


Want to satisfy your inner Disney Princess? You can even get a customized cup starring your favorite princess! (Mine’s Ariel…in case anyone was wondering)


So be sure to check out Disney Gorditas to snag a peek at these awesome cups and be sure to grab one for yourself or a loved one! (Because these would make AMAZING gifts!)


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