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Netflix Just Announced ‘Unsolved Mysteries’ Volume 2 Is Coming This Year and I Can’t Wait

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Have you all been watching the reboot of Unsolved Mysteries on Netflix? This show was something I loved watching when I was younger. There really wasn’t anything like it at the time.


If you have already binged the first 6 episodes, don’t worry! There are more episodes of Unsolved Mysteries coming! Here is what we know about volume 2 of Unsolved Mysteries so far…


Volume 2 of Unsolved Mysteries will bring us 6 new episodes to binge! Sadly, they have not given us a release date for the next 6 episodes yet.

…a PR rep for Unsolved Mysteries confirmed … that Volume 2 will premiere later this year.

According to Decider

At least we know that it will be this year, I am assuming it will come out this fall. Which isn’t so bad, it’s better than having to wait until 2021! It sounds like there may be some more international stories added in volume 2 as well.


Netflix is the perfect place—we can produce international stories and can also reach out to a worldwide audience to try and solve mysteries in different countries.

Co-creator Terry Dunn Meurer, who told the New York Post,

As you are watching the episodes, if you ever have information related to any of the cases on Unsolved Mysteries, you can visit unsolved.com to share that information. Who knows, you may just help solve a crime! What did you think of the first 6 episodes?


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