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You Can Now Get Del Monte Peach Fruit Cups With Strawberry Lemonade Boba and I Am Stocking Up

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I kind of have an addiction to boba drinks! I love them and happen to live within walking distance to a great Boba Tea place!

I have thought about trying to make boba at home, but I just haven’t made it that deep into quarantine cooking yet. Del Monte has fruit cups that have boba in them!

Del Monte

My kids are also boba fans, and they love Del Monte Fruit Cups, so I have no doubts that this combo will make them happy! One reason that we keep fruit cups on hand is because they are so easy to grab on the go! They last a long time in the cupboard too!


I hate when food goes bad, we do have our fair share of fresh fruits on hand. However, the convenience of a fruit cup is just unbeatable sometimes. Normally I buy them the mandarin oranges fruit cups because they are a favorite.


So these new fruit cups from Del Monte have popping boba in them! If you know boba, then you know popping boba is the best boba! They are normally filled with fruity flavors and pop in your mouth when you bite them.


The boxes of the Del Monte Bubble Fruit Cups have been spotted at Costco! There are 16 fruit cups of Peach Strawberry Lemonade in each box and are just under $8 for the box.

The fruit cups are filled with pieces of peaches with Strawberry-lemonade popping boba mixed in! That combo sounds amazing!


You can also find the Del Monte Bubble Fruit in other flavors as well! I want to try them all! I’m not sure if these other flavors come in the large box at Costco, but you can find them at Walmart and Target!


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