Rita Wilson Rapping In Quarantine Is The Best Thing I’ve Seen All Day

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This is absolute greatness!

We all know that Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks contracted the coronavirus, and they have been stuck in quarantine in Australia.

Courtesy of Rita Wilson on Instagram

As you can imagine, quarantine is BORING!!

So, what does one do whilst they are stuck inside with NOTHING to do?

Well, if you are Rita Wilson, you learn the words to Naughty By Nature’s Hip Hop Hurray.

Courtesy of Tommy Boy on YouTube

And she has a SICK lyrical flow. Ha!

She doesn’t miss a WORD, man! This lady has dedication to learning the magical lyrical rhyme.

She captioned this Instagram video, “Quarantine Stir Crazy. See it to believe it.”

Courtesy of ritawilson on Instagram

I love her. It’s like watching my mom throw down the lyrics. LOL!

Courtesy of ritawilson on Instagram

Check out the video, below.


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