Starbucks Released a Gorgeous Pastel Mug with a Square Handle

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You guys! I never thought I’d say it but I am gonna say it now… I am addicted to finding new Starbucks cups.

Alicia Emily Seaman

Yep, I used to be the one sitting there wondering why anyone would pay $10-$25 for a coffee mug/cup and yet, here I am with an ever-growing collection.

Well, if you are like me, you need to know that Starbucks Released A New Crystal/Geometric Mug Complete with A Square Handle and it is GORGEOUS.

Amanda Yocham

All I am going to say is, if my husband doesn’t get me one of these for Valentine’s Day, he is going to be in the dog house ha.

Joy Mariah Clark

This mug is patterned with a pastel green (mint) and pink geometric shapes and silver holographic detailing.

It also has a square handle which just means you can stick all your fingers into the handle while holding (unlike the rounded ones).

Joy Mariah Clark

Currently, people are finding these in-store at their local Starbucks but keep in mind, not all locations will carry it.

I don’t have a price on it but I am assuming it is around $9.95 like other mugs like it. It also is NOT dishwasher or microwave safe due to the foiling on it.

Good luck hunting one down. I am off to try to find mine!

Hillary McNabb Foose

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