Baby Yoda Pancake Cereal Is The Hottest New Food Trend and Have It I Must

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Baby Yoda was a big hit ever since it was introduced to Stars Wars and I mean c’mon, how could you not obsess over him!

Well if you crave baby Yoda, you might want to check out this new trend going around.

Pancake cereal started an uproar in the cereal department. Many individuals have since one-upped the viral food trend and created mini chocolate chip cereal and even waffle cereal.

Well if you thought that was trendy, say hello to baby Yoda pancake cereal.

WARNING: This breakfast cereal takes a skilled hand and above all, patience! Pancake art is not to be joked about!

To make your baby Yoda cereal, you’ll need to dye your pancake batter in shades of green, brown, pink, and black. Next, you’ll want to transfer your pancake batter into a pipping bag to outline the shape of Baby Yoda’s head and his facial features correctly.

Side note: If you don’t own a frosting pipping bag (because I don’t!) cut a tiny hole in one of the corners of a zip lock bag, and it works just as good!

Grease up your pan and you’re ready to roll! Just remember to start with the brown, black, and pink colored batter to outline his facial features. Then, you can move on to the green batter to draw the shape of his head.

Finally, once you feel the design of your Baby Yoda is #twinning, you can sit down and completely destroy it by gobbling it all up!

Sounds kind of contradicting right? But at least you will have mastered the art of pancake drawing, plus a delicious breakfast!

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