Why I Am Forgiving Everyone In The New Year

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Forgiveness is one of those things that makes you seem like the bigger person, like you are the one that is willing to forgive and forget and just move on from whatever has happened.

But jokes on, well everyone, because forgiveness isn’t for THEM, it’s for YOU. This is for your sanity, not theirs. This is so you can breathe easier, get rid of the tension in your neck, stop grinding your teeth.

This new year is about cleaning, about starting fresh, and anew. The thing is, you can’t do any of this if you’re holding onto grudges. Wishing things were different, or just in general being mad.

If you spend your life worrying about things that have already happened, or not forgiving people for things they’ve already done, then you are giving all that mess way too much real estate in your head and in your heart.

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So, let’s just do this. Let’s forgive everyone. Not for them, but for us. I am not saying you need to be best friends, or you need to do anything more with that person, but you do need to forgive. This is how you get your closure.

And above all else, you’ve got to forgive yourself. Whatever you did, if you didn’t mean to hurt someone, or maybe you did. If you didn’t mean to eat that second slice of cake.

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Whatever you did. The New Year is the perfect time to forgive yourself.

You got this.

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