Mountain Dew Typhoon Is Back After an 11-Year Hiatus

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It looks like Mountain Dew was inspired by Taco Bell’s grand gesture in bringing back the Mexican Pizza, considering the Dew has decided to re-release a popular flavor that has been missing for quite some time.

Showing its face (again), Mountain Dew’s Typhoon flavor is bottled and ready for the third time since its original introduction to the public.

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First released back in 2010 and once again the following year in 2011, Mountain Dew is celebrating Christmas in July (or May), and bringing back a fan-favorite flavor to sip on during the summertime.

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As described by the title, the whirlwind of flavors that metaphorically act as a typhoon for your tastebuds, combine a few flavors that you normally wouldn’t pair together.

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Featuring the classic taste of Mountain Dew with a strong blast of Tropical Punch and notes of pineapple, the combination calls for a downpour of tropical flavors and strung wind gusts!

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The forecast predicts that this Typhoon flavor will drop June 1, but you won’t be able to pick it up in stores.

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Rather become a DEW Nation HQ member here, sign up, and wait for the email to get your hands on the refreshment!

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Has everyone marked their calendars for the first day of June?

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