This Edible Tape Seals Your Burrito So Your Fixings Never Fall Out

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An invention that is the perfect pairing to your burrito has been invented and no, it’s not a side sauce.

For the lunch that always falls on your lap, now your burrito fixings can stay neatly tucked in wherever you are and however you eat it.

Cut in half or devoured as a whole, thanks to a group of John Hopkin’s students, we now can seal our burritos and wraps.

Today, they are proud of their prototype product, dubbed “Tastee Tape” shut with what they like to call, edible tape!

Courtesy of @orlando_aldia

Designed by Tyler Guarino, Erin Walsh, Marie Eric and Rachel Nie, the four have come together to solve a nationwide problem while eating our lunch.

“Erin was eating a burrito and the tortilla opened all over her,” one of the four, Tyler Guarino says to CNN. “It hit her then — this is a problem that we can solve.”

Tyler Guarino
 Tastee Tape team and from John Hopkins University

Dubbed “Tastee Tape”, Guarino explains to CNN that the team spent months studying “normal tape” and its elements to try and make a tape that you can eat to pack away ingredients.

 Tastee Tape team and from John Hopkins University

With three main criteria for their tape including the color to be clear and colorless, tasteless and no noticeable texture; after multiple rounds of testing the four created their secret recipe!

Tastee Tape team and from John Hopkins University

A recipe that just so happens to be gluten free and satisfying for vegans too.

Tastee Tape team and from John Hopkins University

“We tested about 50 different formulations” before finding the winning “Tastee Tape” recipe, Tyler Guarino mentioned to CNN.”

Tyler Guarino

While the exact ingredients have a pending patent application, the team notes that everything used is “edible, food safe, GRAS (generally recognized as safe), and are common food ingredients or additives.”

Courtesy of tasteetape.com

To use, peel the piece of tape from its strip of waxed paper, wet to activate, and apply to your wrapped tortilla with pressure to keep ingredients in and food from falling out, Guarino explains to CNN!

Courtesy of tasteetape.com

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