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Rumor Has It, Three Of The Starbucks Syrups That Have Been Out Of Stock Are Coming Back Next Week

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Now is the time to freak out! (In a good way of course!) Some of your favorite and highly missed Starbucks syrups are returning!

It has been sooooo hard getting drinks at Starbucks these past few months because so many things have been out of stock. But NOT ANYMORE!


According to our inside barista source, three of the syrups that have been out of stock for MONTHS are finally making a comeback: Toffee Nut (EEEEEK!), Raspberry, and Cinnamon Dolce!


We still don’t have news on Hazelnut’s return, but this is definitely a great start! We should start seeing these back in stores starting January 4th! What a great new years gift!


Just pleeeeease, if your store does not get them back right away, BE NICE! Baristas are people too!

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  1. Sugar free CD is gone forever not the regular one

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