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Here’s The New 2023 Starbucks Summer Cups You Are Going to Want to Get Your Hands On

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Summer is just a few weeks away and if you’re looking for the perfect summer cup, don’t worry, I got you!

Starbucks just released their new Summer cups and I’ve taken pictures of everything you can get your hands on, so you know which cups to hunt down.

Happy hunting!

Starbucks Summer Cups 2023

One of my favorites this year is this Starbucks Iridescent Pink Studded Tumbler. It comes in both the 24oz (Venti) size and 16oz (grande) sizes.

They also had a matching ceramic hot cup that was the same color. Perfect for hot coffee or tea on the go.

My next favorite were these hot pink swirled tumblers. I only found these in the Venti size.

Then I found this glass hot pink ombre cold cup. Ahhh it was so pretty (but I feared I’d drop and break it so I didn’t buy it)

And if you’re into the glass style, they also had this blue glass water bottle.

Super pretty and I loved the lid!

If you like the flowers of summer, they had this Venti tumbler that was covered in colorful flowers.

They had this silver studded iridescent tumbler that is basically a re-release of one from years ago.

And if you love keychains, you should get the new iridescent keychain to match the venti cup above.

I loved this bright yellow studded tumbler I found as well. It was next to the color changing tumbler they released for Spring but I don’t remember seeing the yellow tumbler during the Spring launch, so I am thinking it’s a summer cup launch.

I also found these bright colored reusable hot cups. It came in a pack of 6 and were all different colors with the Starbucks logo in white.

They also had this pack of reusable cold cups that changed color when you add ice and a cold beverage.

It can in a pack of 5 with the colors you see below.

And if you’re really into the color changing cups, they do have a $5 reusable cold cup that has confetti that changes colors.

There are so many good cups to choose from, it’s hard not to want them all!

So, what Starbucks Summer Cup is your favorite this year?

Also, keep in mind, not all cups will be available at all locations. Some are Target Starbucks exclusives while others are available everywhere while supplies last.

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