KFC is Donating 1 Million Pieces Of Chicken

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I absolutely love seeing the positive things that have come from all of this. People pulling together to do good. This includes individuals that are sewing masks and big companies that are feeding people for free!

KFC – Instagram

KFC has decided to donate 1 million pieces of chicken to its franchises. The franchises employ over 80,000 people all over the country.


The franchise locations can choose to donate the chicken to local food organizations in their communities if they like. Or they can provide meals to medical workers, and other front line workers that are keeping us safe.


This is amazing! Trust me…people are paying attention to the big companies that are stepping up and helping out. They will be remembered!

Some of the franchise locations have already been helping out, this will help them to be able to continue to do so!

Way to go KFC!

Also, from now until April 26th you can get free delivery when you spend at least $12 when ordering through GrubHub or Seamless.


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