You Can Get Beard Ornaments For The Man In Your Life So He Can Feel Fetsive AF

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I am absolutely dying over these beard ornaments! What a way to make Christmas even more Merry and Bright!

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You love the beard — or at least I do — now it’s time to dress it up for the holiday, kinda like a fuzzy Christmas tree!

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These totally-awesome novelty ornaments come with a little claw-clip attached to the ornament. You can use them on beards, in your hair, on your pet — or most importantly this holiday season — on your beard. Yes, I know I said beard twice. It’s that important.

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You can get a 25-piece pack of Beard Bauble Ornaments on Amazon for $10.99, and impress even the Grinchiest of Grinches this holiday season. They are super-fun, and super funny.

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You can also get a 12-piece box of the ORIGINAL Beardaments for $8.99.

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I’m not sure if these Beardaments are sexier, or if it’s those eyes. Either way, I’m sold. I’ll take 100 boxes.

The Beardaments also come with a little clip that attaches them to the wildest of beards, mustaches, sideburns, or hair.

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Easy-to-Attach Clips – Each beard and mustache ornament is fitted with a mini-clip on the end that offers a firm, hair-safe grip perfect for hair of all lengths and density.


I’m about to grab every one of my Hipster friends — or ALL my friends with beards — and decorate them up like a Christmas Tree!

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You could tug on an Ugly Christmas Sweater, put on these beard ornaments, and completely WOW your friends. I totally love this!

I gotta say, all this beard talk reminds me of my celebrity crush, Jason Mamoa.

Wouldn’t he look AMAZING in these beard ornaments? I bet he’d be up for it!

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