Video of Jason Momoa Throwing Axes Is All You Need to Watch Today

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It’s Friday or Fri-Yay if you are looking forward to a work-free weekend.

And right now, it is not even mid-day yet (depending on where you are located) so that 5 PM clock out time cannot come soon enough.

I’m here to make your Friday better and go by faster by sharing this video of Jason Momoa Throwing Axes Because Quite Frankly, It Is All You Need to Watch Today!

Earlier this week Jason Momoa was a guest on The Ellen Show where his skills of throwing axes was put to test.

“Since one of Jason Momoa’s hobbies is ax throwing, Ellen tested his skills (and he taught Ellen a few too), all to raise money for a Hawaii-based organization aimed at saving the environment.”

This isn’t the first time the internet drooled over his axe throwing skills, we watched him back in 2017 on The Jimmy Kimmel Live show.

But this time was different, this time Mr. Aquaman himself was throwing axes around a studio for a good cause…

This time he threw a whole bunch of axes to benefit Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii which is a nonprofit that works to to keep Hawaii’s beaches clean and help save our environment.

He raised $31,000 thanks to his axe throwing skills. Which is funny considering The Ellen Show had planned for $10,000 (did they underestimate his throwing skills?)

If there is one thing that makes me love Jason Momoa more than anything is his ability to use his status (and charming looks) to do good for the environment and our earth.

We need more Jason Momoa’s in the world!

You can check out the newest video of Jason Momoa throwing axes below.

By the way, did anyone else notice his scruff? Perhaps we have another epic Momoa beard on the way? (wishful thinking)

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