A ‘Weeds’ Sequel Is Coming After 7 Years And I Can’t Wait

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It has been 7 long years… SEVEN since we said Goodbye to the series Weeds and you might want to sit down…

Are you ready for this? WEEDS is getting a sequel! WHAT?!? I can hardly contain my excitement! It’s going to be called Weeds 4.20 — Get it?

It has been SEVEN YEARS since we last saw Nancy Botwin, played by Mary-Louise Parker, and her family. That’s seven years too long!

The show was a complete roller coaster of action, drama, love, a bit of comedy, and — well — weed. I am so freaking excited we are finally going to get a glimpse back into our favorite weed selling — er growing — er trafficking — family’s crazy life!


I’m about to drop a spoiler alert, if you haven’t seen the finale. Last we saw of Nancy, pot was legal, and she was running her own weed cafe. Most of the characters were able to reunite for the end of the series, and we thought that was it.


We were WRONG! Thank God, we were wrong.

Weeds 4.20 is definitely in the works at STARZ. Lionsgate, who originally produced Weeds, will again be behind this comback. Lionsgate is the parent company of STARZ. Hence the reason STARZ is involved. And, we love them for it!


Lionsgate CEO, Jon Feltheimer, stated, “We’re thrilled to be back in business with series star and executive producer Mary-Louise Parker on what we’re calling ‘Weeds 4.20,’ already in active development at Starz, as we prepare a comprehensive and integrated rollout for one of television’s most beloved properties.”


He also said that they will take Weeds into global syndication NEXT YEAR!


2020 is already showing itself to be a promising year! We are getting a Ghostbusters 3. They have announced the return of Supernanny. Pixar is coming out with their new movie, Soul. AND THE BEST NEWS OF ALL, Weeds will be returning with a sequel!


I’m ready for the epic roller coaster that will be 2020! Bring on the Weeds 4.20!


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