Supernanny Is Coming Back After 8 Years And My Kids Better Watch Out

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Supernanny, Joe Frost, is BACK!!

I remember WAY back before I had kids. I would watch Supernanny whilst thinking, “Good, God. My kids will never act like that.”

Any parent can tell you how that plan went. My kids seem to think they are ferrel cats who can destroy a house in a single leap and bound. I have often found myself screaming thinking, WHERE IS JOE FROST WHEN I NEED HER?!?


Well, it’s finally happening. Supernanny, herself is coming back!

After eight LONG years, she is finally coming back with a show on the LIFETIME network. Get ready, kids. I’ve got my homework notebook ready, and fixing to go to school — the SUPERNANNY school!


Her tough, but loving, no nonsense approach to raising a child is what I need in my life.


Joe Frost has ALREADY filmed 20 episodes of this new generation of Supernanny programs, so it’s REALLY happening. There’s no turning back — and I’m so happy.


Look for the new Supernanny on the LIFETIME network starting January 1, at 10pm est.


You know I’ll be sitting in front of my TV, waiting for the premier!


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