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You Can Get Chocolate Eggs Made With Baileys Irish Cream And It’s The Boozy Easter Treat I Need

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I think it’s about time we talk about some Easter treats for the adults… yep, that means you and I. We need some Easter goodies as well!

Carrolls Irish Gifts

This candy is just for us, ok? Hands off kiddo’s, this is the adult stash!

I mean I like Peeps, jelly beans, some dark chocolate too, but this… this sounds good!

These are called Baileys Double Chocolate Luxe Mini Eggs and once you taste these you will recognize the rich taste of Baileys Irish Cream. They’re kind of like a chocolate truffle.

Carrolls Irish Gifts

The mini eggs have a hard outer shell with a golden shimmer powder dusted on. Then they are filled with the creamy center that has the Baileys mixed in to it.

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These are for ages 21 and up, and labeled as a “grown-up treat” on the box. They come in a box of nine and I’ll take several boxes, please and thank you!

If you’re looking to make someone special happy this easter, then these mini Baileys egg eggs is perfect. These double chocolate luxe eggs will help succumb to those chocolate cravings. 9 decadent Baileys double chocolate mini eggs.

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You can buy the Baileys Double Chocolate Luxe Mini Eggs from Carrolls Irish Gifts. They also have a Baileys Salted Caramel Chocolate Egg that is calling my name!

Carrolls Irish Gifts

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