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You Can Get Baby Doll Head Candles and I Can’t Decide If They Are Creepy Or Cute

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I love unique things, and these baby doll head candles are totally unique and off the charts on the creepy cute scale!

theblackenedteeth – Etsy

They are perfect for placing around the house to up the spookiness of the upcoming Halloween season, to year-round if that is your style of decor.

theblackenedteeth – Etsy

The baby doll head candles also make perfect unique gifts for your goth friends!

You can order them in several different wax colors and each has a different scent, don’t worry… they don’t smell like death or decay when they burn.

theblackenedteeth – Etsy

Wax colors and scent choices

  • Peach (Bakewell tart scent)
  • Mint (Mint Choc Chip scent)
  • Lilac (Parma Violet scent)
  • Ivory (Cocoa Butter scent)
theblackenedteeth – Etsy

The spooky baby doll head candles are completely handmade with a soy wax blend that is blended with other natural vegan waxes.

theblackenedteeth – Etsy

All of the fragrance oils used are also vegan if that’s important to you.

The baby doll head candles measure 8 cm high, by 7 cm wide.

theblackenedteeth – Etsy

Just place the baby doll heads on a heat-resistant dish before lighting to keep everything safe.

I want one in every single color!

theblackenedteeth – Etsy

You can buy your own creepy baby doll head candles from theblackenedteeth on Etsy for the perfect spooky conversation pieces for your home!

theblackenedteeth – Etsy

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