McDonalds Is Bringing Back The McRib Sandwich and I’m Freaking Out With Excitement

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McDonalds McRib is getting a comeback and this time, it’s nationwide!

The first time McDonalds released the McRib, the fast food chain received stellar reviews about the sandwich so it’s about time they bring back the popular sandwich!

Courtesy of McDonalds

In nearly a decade, McDonalds is releasing the sandwich in all 14,400 U.S. restaurants, yes! It is officially back as of Wednesday, December 2, 2020.


Individuals who never got to try the sandwich when it first released, now is the correct time to scream hooray because it is officially your time to shine.


The sandwich is described as “saucy, tangy, tender and shamelessly delicious,” and is specifically a boneless pork patty, shaped like a rack of ribs, slathered with barbecue sauce and topped with slivered onions and tart pickles.


Prices will vary depending on your location but this time, your location doesn’t matter because McDonalds is offering all individuals the experience to taste this tangy meal once a year as a limited time offering.


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