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Starbucks Is Selling A $5 Color Changing Confetti Cup Just In Time For Summer

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If you need a fun color changing cup for summer, listen up!!

Remember a few years ago when Starbucks was selling a rainbow confetti cup that changed colors? Well, it’s back with a little revamp…

Starbucks is currently selling a $5 ($4.95 to be exact) color changing confetti cup that is PERFECT for those cold summer beverages!

Instead of being rainbow confetti, this year, the cup is covered in blue, green and yellow confetti pieces that change color when exposed to an ice cold beverage.

When the cup is ice cold, the confetti changes to pink, purple and orange.

The cup comes with a matching blue lid and a rainbow reusable straw.

It is the perfect reusable cup for summer if you ask me!

The cup is a venti size and costs $4.95 for the cup including the straw.

You can find these cups now at your local Starbucks while supplies last.

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