Social distancing Doesn’t Mean We Have To Stop Talking

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Social distancing helps to slow down the speed of the illness. Recently, the Public Health Department has restricted when and where people can meet.

It is crucial during this time, that we all take the liberty to self quarantine and stay indoors to not only keep ourselves healthy, but other people as well.

Keeping in mind that social distancing is by example, working from home, not attending large gatherings and maintaining at least six feet of distance from each other.

However, this DOES NOT mean we should stop all communication with our friends and family.

During this time, it’s more important than ever to make sure we check up on our loved ones to make sure they’re doing okay.

My parents have been calling me more than ever to make sure I’m following protocol regarding the virus, but at the end of each phone call, my dad remembers to remind me of one very important thing…

“Oh and Natalie, make sure you’re checking up on your mom and I once and while, it’s always good to give us a call too!”

And my dad’s right, we tend to get caught up in the moment of taking care of ourselves, that we forget to call our friends and family members!

We’re in the 21st century people, where the world of technology has made it especially easy to see your friends and family without actually having to see them in person.

Skype and FaceTime work well for a virtual hangout!

But if all else fails, a good old fashioned phone call or a text will do.

Check in on friends and family but we may not be okay.

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