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The Gatlinburg’s SkyLift Park Has A New Scenic Trail That Is Perfect For Seeing The Fall Foliage

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I absolutely LOVE the Smoky Mountains! So much so, that my husband and I spent our honeymoon there! We got a cabin in the mountains, explored Gatlinburg, and definitely checked out the famous SkyLift!

Ah yes, back in my skinnier days (thanks kids). So when I heard that Gatlinburg was upping their tourism options by bringing a new trail to the SkyLift Park, I was ecstatic!

Gatlingburg SkyLife Park

We have been wanting to go back to the Smokies ever since we left! So now that we have even more fun, new things to explore, the desire is there even more so now!

Gatlingburg SkyLife Park

This amazing new trail is opening up this Fall, just in time for the season change and the most beautiful scenic view. Imagine this lit up with red, orange, and yellow leaves all over. It will definitely be a sight to see!

Gatlingburg SkyLife Park

Even looking at it now, I feel as though I belong in the movie Tarzan. (you know, sans the real jungle!) But Gatlinburg is definitely stepping up their game. I remember the SkyLift being one of my absolute favorite parts of the trip!


The grand opening for this new part of the park is set to open on October 10th of this year. This new trail will connect both ends of the SkyBridge, which is the longest pedestrian-only suspension bridge in North America! So now visitors will be able to walk the slopes of Crockett Mountain, according to the park’s website.


“From the trail, you’ll have great views of the world-famous SkyBridge and be able to fully appreciate the length and height of the bridge, with the Great Smoky Mountains towering in the distance,” according to their site.


This 0.3 mile trail features an elevated wooden boardwalk as well as a natural walking path, making it easy for kids, adults and pets to enjoy! Family friendly is always a plus for me!


So what are your thoughts on this new feature? Worth road tripping for? Ok to see pictures of but haven’t quite peaked your interest? Heights are bad? Let us know what you think in the comments! I for one plan to go as soon as I can!


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