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You Can Get A Halloween Village Of America’s Most Haunted Houses

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I am obsessed with stories of haunted places. Some of my favorite movies are based on true stories, like Amityville Horror.

This Bradford Exchange Collection features illuminated handcrafted buildings and more inspired by famous haunted places across America.

The Bradford Exchange

Each of them comes with cards detailing the haunted history of each building! The first one is the Amityville house! It has amazing details! Check out those scary windows that we all know so well, eek!

The Bradford Exchange

Each building measures about 4-1/2 inches wide x 6-1/2 inches long x 5-1/4 inches deep.

The second issue in America’s Most Haunted series is Franklin Castle which was also known as the Tiedemann House.


Look how much it looks like the real thing? Absolutely amazing! I would love to have these!

They haven’t announce what the other ones will be yet, but I can not wait to see!

The Bradford Exchange

What do you think they will do next? The Lizzie Borden house? Maybe the Winchester House? There are so many ones they could do!

The Bradford Exchange

I love that they light up! These would make a fantastic gift for any horror lover out there, trust me!

You can find out more and order yours from The Bradford Exchange. It works like a subscription, but you can cancel anytime!


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