Why I’m Not Making A New Year’s Resolution To Lose Weight

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Every year I face this challenge of what should my New Year’s resolutions be. I know a lot of people choose not to make any, but for me it’s something I’ve always enjoyed and looked forward to. But what I realized last year is that I always make these resolutions knowing full well there’s a great chance I’m not going to keep them. What kind of resolution is that? That’s like when we were little and we’d tell our moms we’d definitely clean our rooms…but really just shoved everything into the closets. More than anything, though, I’m always disappointed when I fall short of my resolutions…namely, the weight loss one. Well, no more of that. This year I will NOT be making a New Year’s Resolution To Lose Weight. My life should not be defined by a scale or resolution or desire to change my poundage all in the name of a new start. No. Instead, I am resolving to do one active, healthier-for-me thing per week. And in honor of that, here are 20 ideas of healthy weekend activities to get me (and you) started.

20 Healthy Weekend Activities (Almost) Anyone Can Do

Take a walk around the block – why not? It’s easy enough, and really not that far.

Park farther away from the entrance of the grocery store – again, super easy and definitely a way to get more active.

Go to the park – any park. Bring a picnic lunch, or just a basketball and spend at least a half hour out of the house.

Game night with friends – this one might not be as physically active, but the laughing will definitely make you feel great.

Fly a kite – or make one. Even a plastic bag with a string can be turned into a kite.

Walk around the mall  – maybe leave your wallet at home…

Adopt a highway (and clean it up) – great way to teach your kids civic duty and stay active.

Become a big brother/big sister – or a mentor of some sort. Kids definitely keep you active.

Camping in the backyard – or anywhere, really, but if you’re a beginner like me the backyard is a great start.

Find a local waterfall and hike to it – they’re around, you just have to look for them!

Volunteer at an animal shelter – animal shelters always need volunteers and the animals will definitely keep you active.

Visit free local attractions – my city has a pirate themed park…I’ve never been. I think it’s definitely time to check it out!

Hold a family field day – set up fun obstacles and games in the backyard and race around with the kids.

Nature walk – gather leaves, rocks, anything fun and make a collage of your time in the woods.

Visit an archery range – way way fun. If you’ve never tried this one, you should!

Spend the day at a farmer’s market – even if you don’t buy anything, it’s so much fun being surrounded by all those beautiful fruits and vegetables.

Mow someone else’s yard – your own yard is a chore, but what about that elderly neighbor down the street? How great would that make you feel!

Build a cardboard box maze in the backyard – or a giant cardboard fort or something…just get creative and see what you can come up with!

Learn a new dance – whether it’s the fox trot or you’re just whipping and nae naeing, try a new dance over the weekend.

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Grab a friend and walk through a new city together – you’ll find things you never knew were out there.

Look, the biggest thing is just to have fun. The more active you are, the more active you’ll want to be. And if you are having fun in the process, why wouldn’t you want to keep this up? I’m looking forward to trying all of these in this new year and I look forward to any suggestions you might have, too! Give me your best ideas in the comments below!

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