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Looks Like The Vacation Is Over For Affluenza Teen And Mommy Dearest

Not sure if you’ve been keeping up with the news of Ethan Couch’s disappearance, but boy howdy here in North Texas it’s almost all anyone has been talking about. Just in case you aren’t familiar, Ethan Couch is the teen who was sentenced to probation in the drunk driving murder of four in Burleson, Texas a few years ago. His attorney argued that he had ‘affluenza’…basically that he was too rich and spoiled to know he’d done anything wrong.

ethan couch

Poor baby. Let me cry a little for him.

Well, couple of weeks ago (December 16th) a Twitter user contacted the Tarrant County Texas DA to let them know poor-little Ethan had broken his probation by…wait for it…playing beer pong at a party at a friend’s house.

Let me repeat that: the teen who was TOO DRUNK to see four people changing a tire on the side of the road (a young woman had a flat, called for help, and then a youth pastor stopped to help when he saw her stranded), and then got off with little more than a slap on the wrist because he was TOO RICH to get into actual trouble, got caught drinking at a party and was turned in.

Then…disappeared with his mommy to destinations unknown.

Until tonight. Ethan and his mom Tonya were finally caught in Puerto Villarta tonight, and will be facing arraignment then extradition back to North Texas.

ethan couch found

Is it wrong for me to say I kinda hope they spend at least a little time in Mexican jail before they’re returned? ‘Cause I do.

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