Bath And Body Works Released A Halloween Candle Holder That Has A Rotating Graveyard Globe Inside

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Bath and Body Works 2021 Halloween collection ranges from vampire blood, to monster teeth, to orange pumpkins, and to dusty graveyards.

Courtesy of Etsy

The newest candle holder to hit Halloween store shelf life is a tall, rotating Halloween globe inside of a large candle holder.

Courtesy of Mercari

Inside of the illuminated Halloween globe is a spooky graveyard with a weeping willow tree including a handful of skull heads laying on the grass.

Courtesy of @marissuhhhhhhh

On top of the globe, you’ll find a place to store one three wick candle or several mini candles if you will.

Bath and Body most recently released the frightening candle holder and have already sold out in stores but run they just released it online here! I am sure it will sell out fast!

Courtesy of @southrencomfort1

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