These CDC Documents Warn That Schools Reopening Is Among The ‘Highest Risk’ For Spreading The Virus

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I can’t. I’m so confused. Our public school system is set to start August 17, and I have no clue what is actually factually going on — I’m pretty sure the school district has no idea what is going on either. As a parent, I need more information.

We’ve got the President saying schools are going to open no matter what, and we have the CDC saying, “Oh, hell no.”

I might have paraphrased that last part.

Trump is saying that the CDC guidelines for reopening schools are “very tough and expensive.”

The scientists at the CDC are saying that fully opening up schools would be the worst possible thing we could do when it comes to spreading the virus, especially since we have spent MONTHS trying to “flatten the curve.”

The New York Times somehow got their hand on a 69-page document, most of which is just a collection of CDC documents that already exist online, and this document was “among materials for federal public health response teams deployed to coronavirus hotspots to help local public health officials handle the outbreak.”

This document takes a look at all the different reopening plans that states, districts, and individual schools and universities have submitted.

In response, the CDC warns that there are “noticeable gaps” in ALL of the K-12 opening procedures. Many didn’t even touch on the subject of what to do if a student or faculty member develops symptoms of COVID-19.

Has the President actually seen this 69-page document? I don’t know. Are the concerns set forth by the CDC going to be addressed before schools are to reopen? I also don’t know.

Are my kids staying home? You bet your sweet behind! I’m not about to send my kids into a hotspot of coronavirus contagion. I mean, we get the flu every year, because one of the kids brings it home with them from school. I’m not about to go through the same thing with the coronavirus.

(President Trump) wrote on Twitter Friday that “schools must be open in the Fall,” arguing that virtual learning is “TERRIBLE” compared to in-school or on-campus learning.


It is important to note that the President does not have sole power to cut federal funding to schools.

Dr. Robert Redfield, the CDC Director, has made it known that the CDC guidelines for opening schools are out there, and they aren’t changing. They may add to them in the future, but they stand as is.

We will let you know more on this never-ending drama as it unfolds.

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