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You Can Bake A Cookie Puzzle For Christmas And Your Kids Are Going To Love It

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I would say a serious chunk of Christmas involves baking cookies! 

As soon as the Thanksgiving holiday is over, both my mom and my Nana start baking batches of cookies right up until Christmas. 

It’s a family tradition to give away wrapped cookies, but every year brings the same type of cookie and I’m not complaining, but it’s time for a change! 

Mom, if you’re out there, let’s try this! 

Tiktoker @xmasfyp, you are a genius! The individual posted a video online showing a step by step tutorial on how to bake a Christmas cookie puzzle made with REAL cookie dough! 


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The cookie master starts with rolled out dough and uses a Christmas tree cookie cut-out onto the dough. 

Then, the individual uses other cut-out shapes to place inside the Christmas tree cookie and slices diagonal lines across the cookie as well.

Courtesy of @xmasfyp

By doing this, you are creating pieces to the puzzle! By the end, you should have baked cookie puzzle pieces your kids or family members can place together to create a final masterpiece cut-out!

Seriously, how creative is this?! Mom, we are giving this a go!

Courtesy of @xmasfyp

What will your puzzle look like this Christmas?

Courtesy of @xmasfyp

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