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This Sick Mom’s Video Has Moms Everywhere Wanting To Join A ‘Mommune’

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Mommunes exist, and it takes “finding your tribe” to a whole new level.

I must admit. I’ve never really been jealous of single moms — until now.

If there were a way for me to live in one of these “mommunes,” I’d snatch the opportunity up so fast!

What is a mommune, you ask?

A mommune is a concept where single moms all join together in one spot, and help each other out in every way imaginable.

TikToker, Kristen, recently shared a video showing that she was sick.

She captioned the video, “Shoulda moved into a Mommune a long time ago. Support system like no other. 🥰 #mommune #fyp #singlemom #singlemomlife #foryou #divorcetok.”

It got people wondering, what exactly is a mommune?

In a couple follow up TikTok videos, Kristen explains how she came to live in a mommune, and what exactly it is that they do.

Kristen used to live in a van, living a nomad lifestyle with her then husband.

The marriage fell apart in a big way, and she decided to move in with some empty-nester friends — who she dubs her “chosen family.”.

So, Kirsten, her dog, and her daughter all lived with this couple, and it was working out nicely.

Then, Kristen’s best friend’s marriage abruptly fell apart, and SHE ended up moving in with Kristen and the couple.

Thus began the “mommune.”

Since, they have taken on one more single momma. So, there are a total of 3 single moms, a few kids, a dog, and the empty nest couple all living under one roof.

They take care of each other, leaning on each other for help and friendship — and I want what they have!!

In one of Kristen’s TikToks, she writes, “When you’re sick af but live in a Mommune so you get treated like this…”

She then goes on to show how the mommune moms made homemade soup and cookies for her, and they even took her daughter to the park — allowing Kristen to be sick, and taking care of her in the process.

A luxury that moms don’t often get, amirite?!?

Kristen says that it is very important that, if you want to start a mommune, you choose people who have your same values and belief systems.

That includes agreeing on how you are going to raise the kids.

I volunteer as tribute! All the single mommas, come live with my family, and let’s start our own mommune!

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